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PMA Products 452-368 FAA-PMA Bearing, Rod End

Part # CA452-368=2M
Mfr. Part # 452-368
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Aviall is proud distributor for PMA products. For more than 20 years PMA Products, Inc. has been the reliable, affordable alternative for the highest quality FAA/PMA approved aircraft parts for Piper, Beech, Cessna, Embraer, and Pratt & Whitney. In 2006 PMA Products received the Leadership Award from MARPA, the Modification and Replacement Parts Association. PMA Products is proud to serve the aviation community with over 200 FAA/PMA approved parts.




Rod End Dimensions 

Part Number Thread Bore/Eye Eligibility*
CA452-334A 1/4-28 External 0.19" Piper*
CA452-335A 1/4-28 Internal RH 0.19" Piper*
CA452-336A 1/4-28 Internal LH 0.19" Piper*
CA452-368 1/2-20 Internal 0.50" Piper*
CA452-412 5/16-24 External 0.25" Piper*
CA452-439 External 0.19" Piper*
CA452-860A 1/4-28 External 0.25" Piper*
CG3011587 External 0.19" Pratt and Whitney
GMW-3M-470 1/4-28 Internal RH 0.19" Non-certified
GMW-4M-470 1/4-28 Internal RH 0.25" Non-certified
MCS1104-3 10-32 Internal 0.19" Cessna*
MCS1105-3 10-32 External 0.19" Cessna*
MCS1106-3 1/4-28 Internal 0.19" Cessna*
MCS1106-4 1/4-28 Internal 0.25" Cessna*
MCS1819-4 1/4-28 Internal 0.25" Cessna*
MM-3M-500 10-32 External RH 0.19" Non-certified
MW-3M-500 10-32 Internal RH 0.19" Non-certified
S1107-3 3/8-24 External 0.19" Cessna
S1819-3 1/4-28 Internal RH 0.19" Cessna
S1823-3 3/8-24 External 0.19" Cessna
S2022-3     Cessna
S2022-3L     Cessna


Aircraft Eligibility

Beginning S/N
Ending S/N
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R30005 28R30481
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R30483 28R31087
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R310878 28R31135
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R31251 28R31279
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R7130001 28R7130019
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R30482 28R30482
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R35001 28R35392
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R35601 28R35830
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7135001 28R7135238
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7235001 28R7235330
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7335001 28R7335455
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7435001 28R7435331
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7535001 28R7535303
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-200 28R7635001 28R7635545
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837001 2837035
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837036 2837037
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837038 2837049
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2837050 2837061
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 2844001 2844021
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 28R7737002 28R7737178
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201 28R7837001 28R7837335
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 2803001 2803015
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 28R7703001 28R7703427
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-201T 28R7803001 28R7803394
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-300 32R-7680001 32R-7880068
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 3213001 3213103
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 3246001 3246999
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 32R-8013001 32R-8613006
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301T 3229001 3229003
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301T 3257001 3257999
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301T 32R-8029001 32R-8629008
Piper PA-32 PA-32RT-300 32R7885001 32R7885302
Piper PA-32 PA-32RT-300 32R7985001 32R7985125
Piper PA-32 PA-32RT-300T 32R7887001 32R7887307
Piper PA-32 PA-32RT-300T 32R7987001 32R7987146
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200 347250001 347250360
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200 347350001 357350353
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200 347450001 347450220
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200T 347570001 347570337
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200T 347670001 347670324



Item currently out of stock
Cage Code
Country of origin
United States 
Schedule B
Dimensions (L x W x H)
5.125 x 3.625 x .75 IN
Total Shelf Life (days)
No Information
Hazmat Code
Package Weight
.296 LB
FAA Approval Code
8130-3 Eligible

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