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Welcome to Boeing distribution, formerly Aviall


Boeing Makes Buying Simple with Multiple Integration Services

Boeing is committed to supporting strategies that will allow for better collaboration with our customers. When it comes to integration, we take a multi-channel approach that allows you to decide how you want to connect with Boeing. With so many options, you can find the solution that meets your current and future business needs.


Here are just a few reasons to automate the purchasing process:

  • Ordering is instantaneous which speeds up the purchasing process and ensures that the order is placed when you need it.
  • Increases order accuracy by eliminating errors that occur from manually processing orders through fax, email or phone.
  • Reduces cost and supports environmentally responsible initiatives by eliminating paper- based expenses.
  • Increases operational efficiency by providing more visibility into the order process, giving your team the information they need to be more proactive and productive.


Boeing Integration

On, you can do it all with very little technical investment. The user interface offers enhanced self-service capabilities with a comprehensive search function. You can compare prices, check availability, process orders, track status and more.



  • Easily and quickly browse Boeing's extensive product offerings.
  • Save time with your saved shopping carts for future purchases.
  • Go from search to shop within the same platform.
  • Access standard reports to track order history and invoices whether you use, web services, EDI or a third-party connection.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Internet connection and supported browser are your only technical requirements. For the best online experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari (iOS only).

Web Services and EDI

shop.boeing.comBoeing supports system-to-system integration using Web Services to send and receive messages securely over the internet or via EDI SPEC 2000 and X12. With Web Services, you can check price and availability, process orders, manage order changes, receive shipment notifications, get accurate invoices and track order status. With SPEC 2000, you can receive quotes, process orders, manage order changes, receive shipment notifications and get invoices with SPEC 2000. For X12, you can process orders and receive invoices.



  • Conveniently manage orders through your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Receive and send messages in real-time, expediting the decision making process.
  • Web Services and EDI can reduce or eliminate the need to rekey information.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Securely connect via the Internet through web services.
  • Customer and Boeing information technology (IT) collaboration during the onboarding process.


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Third-Party Connectivity supports third-party connectivity through Aeroxchange's AeroBuy®, AeroRepair® and AeroAOG® platforms. Providing you with the ability to process orders, manage order changes, track status, manage shipment notifications and get accurate invoices.



  • Conveniently manage orders through your Aeroxchange connection.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Aeroxchange subscription to the appropriate module.

Other Options

shop.boeing.comIn addition to offering real-time solutions, Boeing supports flat file integration. This method is best suited for companies that are working towards a standardized EDI solution. With flat file integration, you can process orders and receive stock on-hand stock reports.



  • Support customers that currently do not have EDI capabilities.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Customer and Boeing IT collaboration during the onboarding process.