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Spring savings on aircraft tires, wheels and brakes, greases and more

With the summer months quickly approaching, now is the time to stock up on aircraft tires, tubes, wheels and brakes and more in preparation for an increase in flight hours.

The hotter temperatures, combined with the friction generated during landing, can quickly wear out commonly replaced landing system parts. Additionally, having the necessary bearing greases to complete conversions, repairs, or standard maintenance is a must. You’ll find the materials needed for common maintenance as well as conversion kits and entire wheel assemblies for comprehensive projects and repairs. We also offer wheel and brake exchange solutions as a complement to our inventory of new products. Please see our Rotables and Exchange Service to learn more.

Is it time for a wheel and brake MRO? Find everything you need from Boeing through our network of Wheel and Brake Shops.

During the month of April, we are also featuring ExxonMobil’s new brand page, H3R Halotron fire extinguishers and much more.

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes set the industry standard for general and business aviation. Their products offer pilots the highest level of control and performance. All products are designed, produced and serviced by the Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division of Parker Aerospace, who is a world leader in aerospace systems and technology.

See our selection of linings, discs, brake assemblies, wheels and conversion kits.
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When you purchase ExxonMobil aviation oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other lubricants, you can rely on their trusted, proven performance – also backed by their unwavering focus on operational excellence and more than a century of innovation and technology leadership. ExxonMobil’s refineries, combined with a network of proprietary lubricant blending and packaging facilities, provide one of the most comprehensive supply chains in the industry. They have an integrated supply organization managing all of their manufacturing and distribution facilities, ensuring worldwide availability of their products.
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Attention Q400 Operators: Boeing supports your operation by providing new product and exchange solutions for Goodrich brake assemblies and heat stacks. See new products for the 537-41-OPT1 Heat Stack and exchange solutions for the 537-41-OPT2 and 537-41-OPT3 Heat Stack. Please also browse our large inventory of new and exchange 2-1605-2 brake assemblies.
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Looking for tires and tubes for all your aviation needs this spring? Boeing carries an extensive line of tires and tubes from leading brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Condor and Desser. Browse our inventory to find various sizes and types with commercial, business and general aviation, as well as helicopter and defense applications.

H3R Aviation

H3R Aviation’s new Halotron BrX clean agent fire extinguishers are ideal options for those seeking to replace Halon 1211 fire extinguishers due to regulatory or environmental considerations. Shop the 3.75 pound Aviation Halotron Fire Extinguisher or the Aviation Halotron Fire Extinguisher with Discharge Hose.
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AeroShell Aircraft Greases must be versatile in order to prevent wear and inhibit corrosion under tough conditions. AeroShell greases are specifically formulated to excel in wide-ranging applications such as: protecting exposed wheel bearings, lubricating highly loaded gears, in plain, ball and roller bearings, and on sliding surfaces and actuator screws. Our multipurpose greases can help to reduce costs and improve maintenance efficiency. Shop AeroShell 5 and 22 greases. 
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Wheel and Brake Services

Boeing provides you with the highest quality wheel and brake services available. You can find everything you need through one source – from repairs and overhauls to tire changes. We have over 30 years of experience and repair and overhaul more than 36,000 wheels and brakes annually.
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Rotables and Exchange Services

Boeing is your go-to source when Wheel and Brake components need to be exchanged. We have a diverse capabilities list and core pool that supports general aviation, business aviation, helicopter, as well as regional and commercial fleets. We also manage pools and programs for customers supporting domestic government and military programs.
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Clearance Center

Shop and save up to 60% off on all current aircraft maintenance products this April. Stock up on wheels and brakes, tires, chemicals and more. Top brands include Kell-Strom Tool, Michelin, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes and 3M. Now’s the time to take advantage of reduced pricing on discounted overstock parts for business and general aviation. View our current inventory today!
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