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The most important safety feature on any aircraft is the pilot. We recognize the importance flight schools play in pilot training and ensuring qualifications that ultimately result in the safety of passengers. Shop our large selection of training products and pilot supplies which include brake parts, cleaning products from Celeste and Zip-Chem, flight bags, oil and greases and fuel testers.

Are you looking for battery or hose fabrication services to maintain your aircraft? Learn more about how we proudly support these areas of maintenance, while offering high level expertise and excellent customer support.

Flight Schools

All trainer aircraft need a special level of maintenance. No matter what type of aircraft is currently within your trainer fleet, we have what you need to keep your aircraft well maintained and in top shape for your student pilots. Shop our selection of Piper Parts, tires from Condor, brake parts from Cleveland, spark plugs and oil filters from Champion, landing lights from Whelen and GE Lighting and much more.

Pilot Supplies

What's in your flight bag? Whether you're an experienced pilot or a brand-new student pilot, we have the essentials every pilot needs. Shop headsets, books & manuals, kneeboards, fuel testers, flash lights & batteries, crash axes, cleaning kits and survival gear from suppliers which include ASA, Jeppesen, David Clark and more.
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Ready to Fly Higher?

Jeppesen, part of the Boeing family, offers industry-leading e-books and online training to help students on their journey to become a pilot, or simply to achieve their next rating. For a limited time, save 50% on e-books with the purchase of a corresponding textbook.

PHILLIPS 66® VICTORY® AW AVIATION OIL Pre-Blended with Lycoming Anti-Wear

Reduce your oil acquisition costs with Phillips 66 Aviation Lubricants, a proven line of premium single and multi viscosity oils for pilots who love to fly. Featuring Victory Aviation Oil 100 AW (single-grade) and 20W50 (multiviscosity) for flight schools.
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AeroShell Aircraft Greases must be versatile in order to prevent wear and inhibit corrosion under tough conditions. These multipurpose greases can help to reduce costs and improve maintenance efficiency. This May we are featuring AeroShell greases 5 & 22.
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Hose Fabrication Services

Boeing provides you with the highest quality standard and custom-fit hoses available. Our craftsmen specialize in hose assemblies fabricated using new Aeroquip® hoses and fittings. Please visit our Hose Fabrication page to learn more.

*Not applicable to the Commercial product line
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Battery Services

Boeing’s repair stations offer the most comprehensive suite of aircraft battery services today, including deep cycle, top charge, cleaning, reblocking, regular service, overhaul, test and recertification. No matter what level of service you require, Boeing supports the maintenance of many types of main, auxiliary, and emergency power supplies and customers across virtually every market segment.
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Clearance Center/Overstock

Save up to 90% on business and general aviation overstocked parts from rivets, washers, abrasives and more. You will also find reduced pricing on aircraft maintenance products this May! Stock up and save up to 60% off on top brands which include Kell-Strom Tool, Piper aftermarket parts and many others.
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