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Shop and save up to 90% off on discounted overstock parts for business and general aviation this October. You’ll find rotables, electrical and much more. Find savings up to 60% off on tires and aircraft maintenance clearance products.


Shop all clearance Goodrich De-Icing Products this month.
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Shop all clearance Desser 500-5 10 Ply Aero Class TT/TL Tires.
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Kell-Strom Tool Clearance Products

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Part #Part Description
PWC48419=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC48419 Ctr Ipps Engine Hoist
PWC40909=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC40909 Engine Ipps Sling
PWC69863=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC69863 Tie Shaft Stretcher
PWC67531=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC67531 Stand-Parking Pw500
PWC62943=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC62943 Wash Rig Pw307/Pw308
PWC37918=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC37918 Pneumatic Grinder
PWC31050=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC31050 Torque Wrench
PWC60668=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC60668 Cup Washer Crimper
PWC69806=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC69806 DPHM Assy Cables
PWC60684=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC60684 Extractor Seal
PWC67863=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC67863 Drain P3-T3 Probe
PWC34300=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC34300 Stand Engine (Hsi)
PWC40524=TLKell Strom Tool Co PWC40524 DPHM PW308A Cables