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Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is a term used throughout the aviation industry to describe equipment that is found at OEM’s, MRO’s, and airports to aid in maintenance, servicing or handling (moving) of aircraft. GSE products coincide with the Air Transport Authority chapter system which was developed in the mid 1950’s to categorize systems on the aircraft.

Aircraft Ground Support Categories

Lifting / Shoring -ATA07

The lifting / shoring category is to ensure that the aircraft is on a stable platform during maintenance activities, includes tripods, jacks.
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Handling –ATA09

Products used to move aircraft from one point to another. This includes pushbacks from the gate, moving aircraft into the hangar for maintenance, including towbars,
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Servicing Units –ATA12

Servicing units are used on multiple areas of the aircraft - Fluid reservoirs (Hydraulic Fluid / Engine Oil)
- Inflate aircraft tires to the correct PSI
- Evacuate the lavatory system
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Ground Power Units –ATA24

Ground Power Units are used to provide a power source to the aircraft while performing maintenance tasks.
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Hydraulic Power Units –ATA29

Find units and components which furnish hydraulic fluid under pressure, including pumps,  
regulators, lines, valves and more.
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Landing Gear Control Units–ATA32

There are multiple areas to assist in changing items specific to the undercarriage of the aircraft. Some of these areas include equipment that aids in the removal and replacement of nose or landing gear, and equipment that aids in the removal and installation of wheel and brake assemblies.
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Top Brands

HYDRO stands for innovation, experience and reliability.
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Hycom is a recognized and certified supplier of hydraulic equipment for high-quality and efficient aircraft maintenance.
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Changing the way we work at height.
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Meyer Hydraulics has been building hydraulic aircraft jacks and lifting equipment for over 75 years.
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Aviation Battery Systems Lightweight and Portable Ground Power Unit (GPU) for the ramp, hangar, and off-airport operations for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
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Sesame Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of products with an emphasis on high-temperature protection and abrasion resistance.
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Pyramis a specialized tool manufacturer capable of satisfying all your ground support needs.
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Reliable equipment with the highest quality standards
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From engineering to manufacturing, since 1997 DCM has developed unique solutions for Airlines, MROs and OEMs.
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Hycom Hydraulic RAM AIR TURBINE for Aircraft Maintenance

Ideal for Boeing RAT test as per AMM

Easy to install
Simple to operate
Light weight 20 kgs/ 44 lbs
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Did you know that Boeing Distribution is your source for specific maintenance tasks?
From maintaining Pratt Whitney Canada and Rolls Royce engines to Boeing designed tooling, we have it all.


Kell-Strom has been your aerospace tooling specialists for over 80 years. We are known as the premier Pratt Whitney Canada tooling manufacturer.
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Midwest Tool

Midwest Tool is the official manufacturer of Rolls-Royce engine tooling.
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MSA meets the toughest requirements for protecting worker safety at height.
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Pacific Tool

Pacific Tool manufactures over 25,000 specialized aerospace tools, including all Boeing designed standard tools.
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GSE Clearance Products

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