With over 50 years of expertise under our wings, Henkel is a leader in aerospace coatings and structural adhesives for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. Listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications, we are ready to support your processes from beginning to end, across the globe.

NEW! Henkel Bonderite C-AK DW 805 Aero Dry Wash

BONDERITE C-AK DW 805 AERO is a ready-to-use product that requires no additional water rinsing. It can be applied by spray or damp cloth, it cleans gently and leaves a protected, high gloss surface.
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Henkel Industrial and Aerospace Product Categories


LOCTITE® threadlockers are products you can trust for securing threaded fasteners in place. An industry-leading solution for more than half a century, they offer versatility, affordability and reliability in your assemblies.
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Retaining Compounds

As a type of anaerobic adhesive, retaining compounds are essential for the precision assembly of press- and slip-fitted parts, as well as any component that is used within systems subject to high vibration in challenging environmental conditions.
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Thread Sealants

Leaks from pipes and fluid fittings can bring work processes to a standstill. LOCTITE® thread sealants are the preferred solution for many different applications across industries to secure pipes, hydraulic systems and other connections from fluid leaks. LOCTITE® has long been a trusted brand for adhesive and sealant technology, helping our partners reduce downtime while cutting cost.
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Instant Adhesives

Instant adhesives fulfil a range of functions where one- or two-component, room-temperature curing is required within production lines or repair shops. Suitable for any industry, they perform equally well when applied manually as they do within instant adhesive dispensing equipment on automated lines, with custom tool designs available made to fit individual specifications.
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Aerospace Products - Structural Adhesives

Composite Bonding & Repair

LOCTITE products for composite bonding allow engineers to create efficient structures. No fasteners are needed. They offer lower adherent thickness, let you take advantage of stiffness properties of composites and provide a separation of dissimilar materials.
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Laminating & Wet Lay Up

With more than 50 years experience, Henkel offers exactly the solution for your need: LOCTITE low viscosity wet lay-up solutions. Curing very fast under heat, they provide an optimal adhering surface for subsequent painting and coating.
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High Service Temperature

LOCTITE® EA 9394C-2 and 9396C-2 AERO are an elevated temperature curing, high service temperature (greater than 400 F) structural paste adhesives.
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Liquid Shim

LOCTITE liquid shims are epoxy-based materials that provide not only high compressive strength, but also a balance between open assembly time and strength. They operate as both, an adhesive and shim, offer good compressive strength across a wide temperature range and allow a long out time to facilitate larger parts.
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Potting & Edge Compounds

LOCTITE offers a broad variety of potting and edge fill and encapsulating compounds to use with various substrates, operating temperatures and other environmental factors. All of them improve the mechanical strength as well as the resistance to vibration, shock and thermal stress.
At the same time, they protect against corrosion, dust and chemicals and provide electrical insulation. Because of their thermal properties they are ideally suited for aerospace temperature requirements.
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Mold Release Compounds

Henkel’s LOCTITE FREKOTE release agents, sealers and cleaners are based on over 50 years of technical experience and are the most trusted for consistent release of composite parts from tools. These wax- and silicone-free release agents polymerize to create a low surface energy film which is durable, chemically resistant and thermally stable. A minimal transfer to molded components, minimized fouling, easy application and the highest number of releases possible per application are guaranteed.
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Aerospace Products - Surface Treatments


Henkel’s BONDERITE range meets many leading OEM process requirements, with aqueous and solvent-based cleaners to remove dirt, grime or impurities from a surface and to deliver optimal performance every time. With BONDERITE, you will always find the appropriate solution to remove surface contaminants like dirt and grease.
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BONDERITE offers exactly the solution you need. Regarding oxides, the high-quality BONDERITE deoxidizers remove corrosion products as well as heavy storage oxides or residues. At the same time, its desmutting products completely remove surface deposits. In short: You can depend on Henkel to provide solutions for all your surface treatment needs.
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Besides a high-quality etched surface and lighter weight, BONDERITE etchants make sure that the metal is etched away only in exposed areas. You can dissolve metallic aluminum to gain a smoother, uniform surface appearance while providing an extended bath / tank life for your process.
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Conversion Coatings

With BONDERITE, Henkel offers multiple options in conversion and chemical coatings for all your metal pretreatment processes and for more applications than any other chemical provider. This high-end quality is the reason why our different types of proven BONDERITE conversion coatings are listed in many OEM process specifications.
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Paint Strippers

Henkel’s BONDERITE depaint technologies are NESHAP compliant, thixotropic products – solvent, hydrogen peroxide and water-based. They are easy to apply as they cling to vertical surfaces. Furthermore, they eliminate the surface contamination of mechanical removal methods.
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Engine Overhaul

Providing one of the broadest portfolios in the industry, BONDERITE engine overhaul and compressor washers meet major OEM process specifications while being available globally. Whether you require an on-wing or off-wing solution, BONDERITE removes metal oxide scales, sulfadations and carbonaceous material. BONDERITE is highly cost-effective and provides reliable results – day by day.
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Bonderite. Upgrades Your Standards.

Henkel's Bonderite is the premier brand for surface technology and process solutions that create competitive advantages across the industrial manufacturing marketplace. Trusted for reliability, sustainability and proven results, Bonderite processes deliver superior cost-in-use and operational efficiency through a broad portfolio of cleaner, surface treatment, coating and lubricant materials along with engineering services.
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The Unstoppable Power of Man and Machine.

Loctite is the world’s leading brand for adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. With breakthrough technology, we provide solutions that deliver on our goals providing more efficient adhesives that are durable, strong and long lasting to unlock the limitless potential of man and machine. Learn more about our expansive product portfolio for the most demanding industry applications.
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