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Is your aircraft ready for extreme weather changes? A change in temperatures can affect the overall performance of aircraft. The colder temperatures can bring both inconveniences and risks that are always best to stay ahead of. From aircraft de-icing, replacing tires, or prepping for cold weather storage, Boeing has the parts and products you need for the season which includes anti-icing fuel additives, engine heaters and winterization kits, particularly for those that are in the Northern Hemisphere.

September is your last month to take advantage of 50% off Aeroquip hose assemblies. Visit our Hose Fabrication Services webpage and place your order today! Looking for aerospace coatings or paint mixing services? Please shop our newest paint catalog, or visit our Sherwin-Williams page to take advantage.

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Concorde® Battery Corporation

Concorde is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries for aircraft since 1979.

Please visit our new Concorde brand page to find more information on the variety of products now available through Boeing.

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Now Is Your Last Chance to Save Up to 50% Off Hose Assemblies

Only 1 month left! To place your order, see the hose request form at the bottom of the hose fabrication services page. You can also call or email a hose fabrication specialist at a shop near you. To access the form, click “Learn More”. To see hose shop contact information, CLICK HERE.

*50% off retail price good for Aeroquip hose assemblies fabricated through the Boeing Distribution, Inc. Product Repair Services Hose Fabrication Shops, special pricing begins July 1, 2022 and ends September 30, 2022.

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The Aerosonic portfolio of pitot probes includes pitot, pitot static and pitot/angle-of-attack which are designed and in service, meeting the requirements of virtually any type of aerospace application. Aerosonic Pitot Probes are designed with rugged heating elements to prevent ice accretion and water ingression for reliable operation in the most adverse environmental conditions.

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Sesame Technologies

Since 1990, Sesame Technologies, Inc. has been passionate about the manufacturing quality of cutting-edge products. As a worldwide leader within our industry, we’ve gained a reputation for our professional creative capabilities, quick turnaround, superior quality control, and customer service.

We work with aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines, international freight carriers, military, industrial and marine parts manufacturers.

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McFarlane SAFE-HEET Engine Heaters

The Silicone Pad Aircraft Engine Heater preheats in cold weather for longer engine life, as it heats the entire engine!

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Power Products by Lamar Technologies

Monitor your batteries and keep them charged to avoid cold weather delays!

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Whelen Lighting

With shorter flying days ahead in North America, be sure your lights are up to the task.
See and be seen!

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3M Polyurethane Protective Boots

3M Polyurethane Protective Boots protect against erosion caused by rain and particulates. Aircraft boots protect with a minimal reduction in transmissivity and are available in a range of colors and finishes.

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L3 Harris Antenna

Dependable technology for safer skies!

In a fast moving and increasingly complex world, L3Harris is anticipating and rapidly responding to challenges with agile technology – creating a safer world and more secure future.

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Sensor Systems Inc.

Sensor Systems has a long history of excellence in manufacturing antennas for Commercial, Military, and Business aircraft applications.

Manufacturer of Airborne communication, navigation and telemetry antennas, diplexers, and related RF components.

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Desser Cold Weather Tires

Desser Aero Classic tires are known to last longer during the coldest seasons of the year due to their quality construction. All tires go through the same inspection and quality processes, and over 50 years of experience goes into every tire. Browse our listing below for the tires your aircraft needs during the fall and winter months.

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You can find disinfectant and cleaners for your aircraft, like Celeste and Zip-Chem®, to help combat some of the most common and emerging viruses and bacteria. See the Sani-Cide EX3 and Zip Chem® Calla 1452 product sheets for more details.


Attention Boeing Operators and Maintainers

The Rotables and Exchange team recently expanded our current offering of parts for multiple Boeing aircraft (737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787) by creating a new commercial exchange pool. Click the link below to view our current inventory. Please send inquiries to

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Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings Brand Page

You demand incredible durability and amazing appearance for your aircraft. Sherwin-Williams offers the products, color and collaboration to bring your aircraft scheme successfully to life with amazing results. Visit our Sherwin-Williams brand page to learn more.

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Boeing Paint Mixing Services

Our paint experts can mix any Sherwin-Williams aerospace coating, so your paint arrives ready for the job at hand. See our paint mixing page for more information.

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Boeing Paint Products Catalog

We supply products for every step of the painting process. From pre-treatments to personal protective equipment, Boeing has you covered. Browse our paint catalog for product information, images and part numbers from leading brands such as Sherwin-Williams, 3M, Henkel and more.
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Honeywell Aerospace Legacy Commercial Aircraft Wheel and Brake Parts

Boeing stocks Honeywell Aerospace wheel and brake parts for various legacy commercial aircraft including:Boeing 727, 747, 767, MD-80, DC-8 and Airbus A300, A310. Click the link below to see our inventory listing to meet your legacy aircraft needs.

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Clearance Center & Overstock Parts

Make sure to take advantage of our September Overstock Parts & Supplies sale this month and save up to 90% off on products for your commercial, business or general aviation aircraft. Shop our latest clearance products for chemicals, sealants, de-icing and more.

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Still looking for your Everyday Essentials, such as disinfectants, cleaners and more?
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