Since 1903, aviators and engineers have relied on ExxonMobil’s aviation expertise to push the boundaries of flight. ExxonMobil’s commitment to technology helps provide industry-leading products such as aviation oils, hydraulic fluid including Mobil Aero™, aviation greases and lubricants.

ExxonMobil Product Offerings

Mobil Jet™ Oils

Designed to meet the aviation challenges of today and tomorrow, Mobil Jet oils deliver unparalleled performance to a wide range of turbine engines.
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Hydraulic Fluids

Offering top performance compared to alternative hydraulic fluids, Mobil™ HyJet™ hydraulic fluids contain fire-resistant phosphate esters and are used across a wide variety of mixed fleets.
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Formulated to protect against wear and corrosion and endure adverse weather conditions, ExxonMobil's greases have the longest shelf life and help aircraft operators to minimize waste and reduce inventory carrying costs.
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Other Aviation Lubricants

ExxonMobil’s gear and specialty turbine oils, including Mobil AGL™ and Mobil COOLANOL™, offer outstanding performance for a wide array of applications.
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Our Customers

Corporate Jets

ExxonMobil aviation lubricants protect your jet's vital engine and hydraulic components from corrosion and wear, increasing time between service intervals and reducing the likelihood of costly, unplanned maintenance events. This keeps your aircraft operating at peak performance, ultimately enabling your operation to deliver on its promises and lower total cost of ownership at the same time.

Helicopters achieve lift through rotors, powerful engines, transmissions, drive shafts and gearboxes all working together and spinning at incredibly high RPMs within confined spaces. Using the correct lubricants is essential for this entire system to function properly during normal use and especially in challenging environments. ExxonMobil provides you with oils, greases and hydraulic fluids that have the proven endurance and wear protection to maintain your helicopter’s most vital components during flight. You can rest assured knowing that ExxonMobil aviation lubricants are formulated to keep your fleet running smoothly for longer durations, even in the most challenging conditions.
Commercial Airlines

Commercial operations need to run smoothly and limit delays in order to maintain schedules and profitability. ExxonMobil understands this and provides a variety of aerospace lubricant solutions with specialized formulas that protect vital components, withstand high operating temperatures and keep engines running cleaner for longer durations. Specifically, multiple airlines who use ExxonMobil products experienced protection against coking and increased seal performance, which resulted in reductions in maintenance and repairs. These benefits led to increased flight hours between servicing intervals. ExxonMobil aviation lubricants enable airlines around the world to reduce cost and keep their aircraft running longer without sacrificing performance or safety.

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When industry professionals want insights into aviation lubricants, they turn to ExxonMobil experts. Explore recent articles, interviews and videos to learn how to put their knowledge to work for you.
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ExxonMobil Heritage

As a leader in the aviation industry for over a century, ExxonMobil has been a part of many aviation milestones.
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