Eaton offers a wide range of fluid delivery options to meet the needs of aircraft OEM and maintenance engineers. These critical components are available to support the aircraft from the ground up, transferring fuel from the tank to the aircraft engine. Eaton’s legacy Aeroquip brand hoses offer the perfect solution for your fluid conveyance needs for existing line replacement requirements or the designer seeking the latest in hose technology. Eaton offers Aeroquip hose, fittings, adapters, couplings and fluid connectors

666/667 Series Medium Pressure PTFE Hoses

Designed to operate at nominal pressure below 1,500 psi for fuel, hydraulic, coolant and other aircraft fluids.Construction includes PTFE smooth inner core, with stainless steel corrosion resistant wire braid.
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303, 302A Medium Pressure Hoses

Medium pressure hose for hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, oil and coolant systems use.
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306 Low Pressure Hoses

For use with air or vacuum instrument systems, automatic pilots and lines to pressure gauges used with these systems.
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AE102 Fire Resistant Sleeves

Sleeving used to meet the fire resistance requirements of FAA TSO-C53a or TSO-C75. AE102/624 fire-sleeve, identified by its orange-colored outer surface, has a continuous operating temperature range of  -65°F to +450°F (-54°C to + 232°C).
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Nipples, Nuts, Sockets

All materials and finishes conform to applicable specifications for end fittings used in aircraft fluid systems.
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Fittings and Assemblies

Use Eaton® Aeroquip® hose fittings and assemblies to complete all your Eaton® Aeroquip® hose projects.
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About Eaton

In the aerospace industry, Eaton is a leading provider of hydraulic, fuel and oxygen, airframe pneumatics, electrical, motion control and engine solutions, as well as aftermarket service and support, that power military and commercial aircraft globally. On the tarmac and in the air, our reliable products enable hundreds of essential tasks that make air travel possible. From advanced aerospace technologies to world-class customer support and responsiveness, we help our customers meet performance, efficiency, safety and compliance needs, all while reducing life cycle and maintenance costs.

Aeroquip® Hose Assemblies

Boeing is approved by Eaton to fabricate Aeroquip® hose assemblies for General and Business Aviation, as well as OEM applications. Our three hose fabrication shops, strategically located across North America, build and supply high-quality, standard and custom-fit hoses using new Aeroquip® hoses and fittings. Visit our Hose Fabrication page to learn more about how we can support your operation's needs. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, submit a request form online or call the location nearest you to contact one of our hose experts.
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