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Goodrich Quick Disconnect 3-Wire Harness Assembly 6976-11, 14.05 in

Part # 6976-11=3R
Mfr. Part # 6976-11
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Aircraft Manufacturer: Multiple

Aircraft Series: Multiple Platforms

Aircraft Specifics: FOLLOWING MODELS WITH STC SA812NE INSTALLED:AIR TRACTOR AT-302, AT-400 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5C, -5M,-3D/ T10282; AYRES S2R-T11 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3C, -3D/T10282; RAYTHEON (BEECH) D18C, D18S, E18S-9700, C45G, C45H, TC-45G, TC-45H, TC-45J W/ SA2204WE W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5C/T10176, T10178; RAYTHEON (BEECH) T-34C W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3H/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) 65-90, 65-A90, 65-A90-1, 65-A90-2, 65-A90-3, 65-A90-4 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3B,-3M,-2B/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) B90, C90, E90, H90 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3B, -3M/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) F90 W/ HZ HC-B4TN-3A, -3B/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) 99, 99A, A99, A99A W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3B/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) C99, 100 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3B, -3M/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) A100, A100A, A100-1 W/ HZ HC-B4TN-3, -3A/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) 200, 200C, 200CT, 200T, A200, A200C, A200CT, B200, B200C, B200CT, B200T W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3G, -3N/T10178; RAYTHEON (BEECH) B100 W/ HZ HC-B4TN-5C, -5F/T10173; RAYTHEON (BEECH) JRB-6 W/ SA1171WE W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5C/T10173; BAE HP.137MK.1 W/ SA2293SW W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3D/T10282; CASA C212-100 AVIOCAR W/ HZ HC-B4TN-5EL/T10282; CESSNA 441 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5E, -5M/T10178; DEHAVILAND DHC-2MK.III W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3, -3B, -3BY/T10173; BOMBARDIER DHC-6-300 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3(D)(Y)/T10282; EMBRAER EMB-110P1, EMB-110P2 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3C, -3D/T10178; FAIRCHILD SA226-AT, SA226-T W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5()/T10282; FAIRCHILD SA226-TC W/ SA344GL-D W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5()/T10282; FAIRCHILD SA226-TC W/ HZ HC-B4TN-5()/T10282; GULFSTREAM AERO COMMANDER 690, 690A, 690B W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5()/T10282; IAI 101 ARAVA, 101B ARAVA W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3D/T10282; MCKINNON (GRUMMAN GOOSE) G-21E, G-21G W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3DY/T10178; MITSUBISHI MU-2B, MU-2B-10 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5()/T10176, T10178; MITSUBISHI MU-2B-15, -20, -30 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5/T10178; MITSUBISHI MU-2B-25, -26, -35, -36 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5/T10178; PILATUS PC-6/B-H2, PC-6/B1-H2; W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3C/T10173; PILATUS PC-6/C-H2, PC-6/C1-H2 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5C/T10178; PIPER PA-31T, PA-31T1 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3B/T10173; PIPER PA-42, PA-42-720 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-3B, -3K/T10173; SHORT BROTHERS SC-7 SERIES 3 VARIANT 200 W/ HZ HC-B3TN-5()/T10282; SHORT BROTHERS SC-7 SERIES 3 VARIANT 200 W/ SA02059AK W/ HZ HC-B4TN-5()/T10282

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Cage Code
Country of origin
United States 
Schedule B
Dimensions (L x W x H)
14.13 x .82 x .38 IN
Total Shelf Life (days)
No Information
Hazmat Code
Package Weight
.06 LB
FAA Approval Code
8130-3 Eligible

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